Altra Civiltà Expedition in New Guinea

(2024) - 130' - Documentario
Livio Fornoni
Livio Fornoni (born 1979) is a director and author, founder of his own production company “Altra Civiltà Video”, with the aim of producing experimental videos and travel documentaries. Between 2008 and 2010 Livio Fornoni lived in Papua New Guinea, in close contact with the local tribes. This experience is documented in the films "Altra Civiltà Expedition in New Guinea" (2008) and "Reportage from Chimbu" (2010). Between 2012 and 2014 he lived in the South Bronx, filming the most dangerous suburbs of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia for a documentary series called "City Limits". You can see the rest of his works on his Youtube channel and contact him directly on the facebook page of Altra Civiltà Video
Gianluca Piretti Livio Fornoni
Livio Fornoni
Livio Fornoni
Altra Civiltà Video
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