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Innuendo International Film Festival

da 08/09/2018 a 16/09/2018

Milano (MI)

Festival director: Sara Ferro Technical director: Chris Weil
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Welcome to the Innuendo International Film Festival!
- with LIVE Screening in Milan, Italy -

We accept films from all countries over the world and are curious to watch your Short film, Feature film, Short documentary, Feature documentary, Music video, Animation or Experimental film in the fields of the unknown and unexpected!

"Through the sorrow all through our splendour
Don’t take offence at my innuendo." (Queen)

Innuendo is an interesting English word, stemming from Latin but curiously not existing in modern Italian. The baroque neologism has been created in the legal environment for referring to parenthetic explanatory material introduced in a lawsuit. The very original context of the word “innuendo” is that of political trials around the crown of England in the 17th century. Innuendos were rhetorical means used at once by political activists to formulate concealed attacks against absolute monarchy and tyrants as well as by the machinery of the courts to accuse system opponents of being guilty of treason and other capital offenses. In the legal kind of framework innuendos are either “true” or “false”. In an epoch where social realities are more than ever constructed on the basis of allegations that are all but covert, we are keen to spot in films every attempt to let drop a hint, insinuate, allude to and use every figurative instrument (as double-meanings, allusions, insinuations, apparently innocent words, allegations, rumors, suggestive remarks, etc.) in order to support by any means the own particular and interested narrative.

We are looking especially for drama (historical drama and psychodrama), thriller (mainly conspiracy, psychological, supernatural), detective stories (occult detective stories), classical and neo-noir film, but also speculative fiction (utopia, dystopia, alternate fiction, future history fiction) science fiction (especially postcyberpunk, retropunk, atompunk, dieselpunk, steampunk, clockpunk, biopunk) and even more hybrid subgenres as whimsical, surreal, absurdist fiction, art horror, paranormal fiction; but also documentary, docudrama and other related genres are welcome.

The Innuendo International Film Festival is made with love from filmmakers for filmmakers! We love cinema and we would like to promote and push your film through our festival by giving your film the chance to be screened in front of an open-minded audience and offering the creators the possibility to talk directly with the spectators in a friendly familiar atmosphere with several lounges and meet and greet areas to get connected with other filmmakers and professionals to build up your network.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Innuendo International Film Festival (Team)

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