Y Frames Festival

08012 Barcelona Barcelona
email yframesfestival@gmail.com
language http://yfram.es

Logo of Y Frames Festival

The Festival period: 
Monday 1 July 2019
Description of the Festival: 

Y as in Youth. Y as in Year-round. Y as in You.

Y Frames is a brand-new online festival that highlights the carefully selected work of a different young director every week.

We showcase emerging new talents, providing a platform on which to show and promote their short films, while also giving them the chance to receive a direct donation from the audience.

We know that pursuing a career in filmmaking is tough, especially at the beginning, so we want to support brave, fresh voices that deserve to be heard.

Each selected project will appear on our homepage for a week, together with a profile of the director, and then will be available in our archive and in constantly updated playlists.