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Maria Francesca Silvestri

Maria Francesca Silvestri was born in Maratea, Italy in 1993. After high school, she attended at the Rome University of Fine Arts, following her passion for photography and cinema. She directed many short film: “12 gr di Zelo” (2013); "Denied" (2014) inspired by the story "The seventh day" of Martino Ciano which won the award for Best Cinematography at the “Academy of Fine Art Film Festival” in Naples; “Le cinematographe Lumière”(2014) an animated short film; “XXL” (2015) based on a true story. She took part in many projects including the documentary "Bellissima" for the MAXXI museum in Rome. She has worked in many films such as "Il ragazzo della Giudecca" Alfonso Bergamo; "Minister" of Fide Dayo; "Si vis pacem para bellum" and "Un nuovo giorno" by Stefano Calvagna.