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Francesca Stangoni

I was born in Naples, where I graduated at the Oriental University Institute, specializing in Chinese. The knowledge of the Chinese market and my versatility in managing situations with a positive and prepositive approach - typical of the Neapolitan people - allowed me to easily practise different jobs with an attitude to the public relations, before moving in 2000' to the Marche region where I currently live and work in a private company, leader in the telecommunications sector. I’m the Purchasing Manager and export Back-Office Export In the past years I carried out several jobs in private sectors. Despite the frenetic rhythm and family busy things that have arisen over time, I have never stopped dedicating myself to the hobbies that I still cultivate with passion and energy: acting, travel, writing, event planning, music and sport. I applied for acting courses and dance / theater training internships in the past years and from 2015 to 2019 I organized, wrote and directed musical shows where I involved up to 40 artists from mixed sectors and genres: pop music, oriental dance, instrumental, storytelling, acting, live music, aerial fabrics, percussion, rock music and classical music. The shows, sometimes were also sponsored by organizations and municipalities of the Marche Region, there was always a charitable purpose, mostly characterized by fundraising for voluntary works of high cultural value. In 2019 I held a Dance Theater Workshop for children involving them in expressive projects that should have been brought to the theater in June 2020 but that, due to lockdown, I had to suspend. In fact, due to the Covid19 restrictions and subsequent Lockdown, I had to stop organizing events in the theater and this led me to focus on another sector, experimenting from the bottom, through my curiosity and self-studies, a genre that I has always admired: the movie. So I wrote and directed for the first time, as emerging and independent artist, my first short movie called PROVE DI POTERE - The Short Movie which was filmed on 27 September 2020 and that is currently in preselection trhough several national and international competitions dedicated to Cinema, in the Short Films section. I give life to my ideas, I'm a doer, not just a thinker I love travelling, exploring the world and looking at the people around me, I like meeting new cultures, exchanging ideas, sharing good projects and positive vibes