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da Giovedì 7 Aprile 2016 a Domenica 10 Aprile 2016
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Mission Statement
The Taos Shortz Film Fest (TSFF) is a forum that unites short films and filmmakers with the community, with the belief that films have the ability to change people’s lives. TSFF strives in its leadership of presenting world class independent cinema, to keep the cinematic arts thriving in New Mexico and to keep Taos on the map as a cinematic destination.
The Taos Shortz Film Fest continues to be a quality cinematic gateway for screening global indie short films. Being the only juried film fest in Taos, and the only Short Film Festival in a state where filming and filmmaking has an astonishing economic impact to the Industry. The Taos Shortz Film Fest continues to bring innovative program ideas that inspire and educate. Our films comprise cutting edge provocative themes that create responses and awareness to our community that can change social views and consciousness.

Anna Cosentine/ Founder/ Executive Director
Duprelon Tizzdale/ Program Director/ Tech Support
Taos Shortz Film Fest Taos Shortz Film Fest Taos Shortz Film Fest Taos Shortz Film Fest
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Taos Shortz Winners 2015

Dramatic Fiction Winner:
Electric Indigo
Director: Jean-Julien Collette

Dramatic Fiction Honorable Mention:
On/ Off
Director: Thierry Lorenzi

Comedy Fiction Winner:
Director: Lendita Zeqray

Comedy Fiction Honorable Mention:
The Moped Diaries
Director: Tyler Nilson

Documentary Winner:
To Kill a Sparrow
Director: Zohreh Soleimani

Documentary Honorable Mention:
The Apothercary
Helen Hood Sheer

Animation Winner:
Director: Carlos Lascano

Animation Honorable Mention:
Love in the Time of March Madness
Director: Robertino Zambrano and Melissa Johnson

OOTO ( Out of the Ordinary) Winner:
Director: David Coyle

OOTO Honorable Mention:
All Seasons Become One
Director: Shannon Michael Terry

New Nexico Zia Award Winner:
Director: Justin Golightly

New Mexico Zia Honorable Mention:
Low/ Fi
Alejandro Montoya Marin

Emerging Artist Winner:
A Good Story
Director: Martin Christopher Bode

Emerging Artist Honorable Mention:
Las Cieni
Director: Andzej Cichyocki

Free Spirit Award:
Bye Bye Ronnie
Razelle Benally

Directors Choice Award:
Director: Frank Jerky

People's Choice Award:
Por Siempre Jamon
Director: Ruth Diaz