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Spoleto Short Contest 2018

Via della Repubblica n. 16, SPOLETO (PG) IT


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Logo of Spoleto Short Contest 2018
Periodo del Festival: 
da Giovedì 6 Dicembre 2018 a Venerdì 7 Dicembre 2018
Descrizione del Festival: 

SPOLETO IN CORTO - SPOLETO SHORT CONTEST Every time a film is viewed, just out of the cinema, in newspapers or social networks, the common viewer, the videomaker and even the professional of the cinema often comment on the success or failure of the film just seen , sometimes criticizing the story, sometimes the script, sometimes the acting of the actors or a little inspired director. Starting from this assumption we want to launch a challenge to all of them asking to make a short film that has a precise subject to follow, a specific location, but which leaves full freedom for what concerns the screenplay, the choice of actors, photography, the assembly and the other phases that the realization of a film involves. In this way, the jury of SPOLETO SHORT CONTEST 2018 will be able to measure the ability of each single production to tackle the same theme in the most original and effective way possible. To register, just download the REGULATION and the REGISTRATION FORM at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ruOM3ubZcLZBi_1JTxXgatkw2JNPdxoF/view?u...

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