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Complesso monumentale San Benedetto
Complesso monumentale San Benedetto
Piazza Francesco Fabi Altini
60044 fabriano AN
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Periodo del Festival: 
da Venerdì 29 Maggio 2015 a Domenica 31 Maggio 2015
Descrizione del Festival: 

Fabriano, May 29 - 30 - 31 2015

Entry to the Festival is open to free subject short films. Each director is allowed to participate with maximum two works, completed after 01/01/2012. Short films must have a maximum running time of 15 mins, credits excluded. The organization reserves the right to admit to the contest short films notwithstanding the current regulations.

Works already enrolled in other festivals are also accepted. All non-Italian films must compulsorily have Italian or English sub-titles and come with written dialogues either in Italian or in English.

For each single short film submitted it is compulsory to fill in the online form (including the link where the short film has been previously uploaded) and pay the submission fee via Paypal (or credit card). In case of selection, the film must be submitted on a dvd support or on a high-resolution mov/avi file, depending on previous email agreements.

Registration must be carried out online on the dedicated site and page, not later than April 30th The participation fee is 15 euro, as partial coverage of the festival's application processing expenses.

By enrolling to the contest, each author declares himself/ herself responsible for the content of his/her work. Registration must be carried out online on the dedicated site and page, not later than April 30th In case of failure to comply with these conditions the candidate will be excluded from the event. All entries that comply with the current regulation will be screened by the organising commission, who, with unquestionable judgement, will select those admitted to the contest and presented to the award assigning jury.

The submitted material will not be returned, and will go and form an archive, possibly being re-used in other events, even as clips, for non-commercial use.

The selection of the admitted short films and the corresponding screening days will be communicated by time on the following site www.fabrianofilmfest.it so to allow the authors to be present at the screening and/or, eventually, at the awards ceremony. The jury, made up of journalists and cinema professionals, will assign the awards and, eventually, the special mentions. Audience present at screenings will also assign an award. During the awards ceremony, the director (or someone on his behalf) must personally claim the prize. Not collected cash prizes will contribute to the Fabriano Film Fest fourth edition's jackpot. Personal data (L. 675/96) will be processed exclusively for the Festival's purposes.

The application for enrollment implies full acceptance of the current regulation. Anything not expressly mentioned is governed by the Italian Civil Code laws in force. Awards and special mentions:

- First prize for the best short film: 1.000 euro.
- Best director;
- Best actress;
- Best actor;
- Best cinematography;
- Best screenplay;
- Best short uder 25;
- Special award "Claudio Casadio Tarabusi" Eyes on the world;
- Audience award.

Valentina Tomada, Eugenio Casadio Tarabusi, Manuela Parodi
Fabriano Film Fest
Vincitori edizioni precedenti: 

Miglior cortometraggio nazionale: MATILDE di Vito Palmieri
Miglior cortometraggio internazionale: ALL SOULS' DAY di Aleksandra Terpinska (Polonia)
Miglior regia: Federico Alotto per I SEE MONSTERS
Miglior sceneggiatura: Antonello Murgia per BEEP
Miglior fotografia: Michele Magliola per POCO PRIMA DEL CAFFÈ (di Jonathan Soverchia)
Miglior attrice: Matilde Da Silva per MATILDE (di Vito Palmieri)
Miglior attore: Giorgio Colangeli per CE L'HAI UN MINUTO? (di Alessandro Bardani)
Premio del pubblico: CE L'HAI UN MINUTO? di Alessandro Bardani
Premio speciale "Claudio Casadio Tarabusi" Occhi sul mondo: Gianluca Viti per IRA FUNESTA