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1901 East 51st Street
Austin,, TX 78723
United States

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Periodo del Festival: 
da Martedì 19 Settembre 2017 a Sabato 23 Settembre 2017
Descrizione del Festival: 

After an incredible 2015 season in which filmmakers the world over called it the "best festival they've attended," the Austin Revolution Film Festival is planning for 2017 edition that is bigger and better in every way.

Bringing true indie films to Austin! ARFF was founded by filmmakers who saw many festivals only programming films with big stars. In response, they built a true celebration of independent voices in the world capital of indie film, with a brand based on selecting great stories, screening films in the coolest venues, creating excellent networking opportunities and keeping filmmakers – the true stars of the show – front and center throughout the fest.
Awards are given in several categories across several genres, including features, shorts, web series, music videos as well as both feature and short screenplays. Continuing the indie Austin spirit, ARFF’s award trophies are authentic, rodeo style, Texas belt buckles!

The Austin Revolution Film Fest has gained a great reputation with filmmakers and film fans, who return again and again to the show with repeat submissions and sold-out screenings. It has also attracted industry sponsors, including distributor, screenwriting companies Final Draft and Ink Tip, and the Ambassador Global Group.

In short, we love great stories, we love our filmmakers, and we love connecting audience, filmmaker and film industry representatives in one true celebration of independent film production. Our commitment to filmmakers generates unsolicited testimonials every year, including those below. And we maintain relationships with our submitters throughout the years in a two-way conversation; we’d love for you to join the discussion by emailing us at with questions.

“Undoubtedly one of the best ‘true’ independent film festivals in the world” 
- Jason Tostevin, A WAY OUT

"You guys are different because you really are cultivating a community and caring about independent filmmakers. You are doing something very special with this fest. I am so proud and honored to be included with all these amazing filmmakers!" 

“...Is a breath of fresh air. A festival that focuses on the filmmakers as well as educating audiences to what a film festival is all about... Seeing great indie can tell a lot of love went into this festival.” 

“If you are seriously about making a mark on the indie scene you should definitely enter the Austin Revolution Film Fest” 

“One of the most satisfying screening and festival experiences of my career. Peers become colleagues become friends become family. I can not recommend submitting to this any higher.” 

“The mix of talented film makers, diverse films and stellar networking make it a rarity in a sea of subpar film festivals.” 

Final Draft: All writing winners win a download of the best screenwriting program on the planet.

Ink Tip: InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip. All screenplay winners win a listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you. A distribution company for true indies. All film winners win placement with his nonexclusive distribution company.

Ambassador Global, LLC
Awards & Prizes

"TOSTEVIN AWARD" Filmmaker of the Year (cash prize)
Female Filmmaker of the Year
Horizon Awards
"Scarlet Waters" Genre Film
"Hampton Award" Best Director/Actor
Best US Feature Comedy
Best Us Feature Drama
Best Horror Feature
Best Foreign Feature
Best Texas Feature
Best Actor Feature
Best Actress Feature
Best Doc Feature
Best Veteran Film
Best Produced Screenplay (Feature)
Best Short Drama
Best Short Thriller
Best Short Comedy
Best Horror Short
Best Foreign Short
Best Romance Short
Best Sci Fi
Best Doc Short
Best Texas Short
Best Micro Short
Best Actress Short
Best Actor Short
Best Produced Screenplay Short
Best Western
Best Animated
Best Trailer
Best Music Production
Best Feature Director
Best Short Director
Best Texas Director
Best Web Series
Best Actor Web Series
Best Actress Web Series
Best Director Web Series
Best F/X
Best Cinematography
Best Poster
Best Editing
Best Feature Script (x3)
Best Short Script (x2)
Best TV Script (x2)
Best Student (College)
Best Student (High School)
Best Child Actor

Screenplays win gifts from sponsors valued at over $500.
Winning films win a non exclusive distribution deal with
Rules & Terms

All films must be the original work of the filmmakers and all filmmakers must have the necessary rights.

Films must not have distribution. VOD or your film being readily available to stream may affect your status. Texas premieres preferred.

The Austin Revolution Film Festival reserves the right to change our programming without notice.

Vincitori edizioni precedenti: 

2016 Award Results
Horizon Awards
Horizon Award - LADY BIRD JOHNSON - Kelly White
Horizon Award - SAM HOUSTON - Chad Henninger
Horizon Award - STEVIE RAY VAUGHN - Andy Bertelsen
Horizon Award - CHARLES GOODNIGHT- Bill Hass

Filmmaker of the Year
2016 FIlmmaker of the Year - Jason Tostevin

Josh Hope - Winner
Cedric Smith - Winner
Damien Patrik
Marcie Price Jackson
Matt Sconce
Dallas Burgess
Patrick Rea
Lisa Belcher
Tracey Anarella
Mike Donis
Female Filmmaker of the Year
Darva Campbell - Winner
Lisa Belcher - Winner
Diane Kern
Mindy Bledsoe
Romina Shwedler
Lorraine Portman
Tracey Anarella
Alexandria Walters
Kathryn Gould

Best Trailer
#Disneyland 60 - Winner

Best Student Short (Hgh School)
Meninism - Winner
Milky White//Rosy Petals - Winner
Preparing Last Rites - Winner
Picking Up The Pieces
Lady of Paint Creek

Best Student Short (College)
Concealed - Winner
Nosferratin - Winner
The Chase - Winner
The WIld Salmon
Modern Issues

Best Editing
Kind of Blue - Winner
Chasing Valentine
Rough Cut
The Fantastic Death of Barry Schmidt
Tale of the North Hollywood Shark
EZ Out

Best Cinematography
The Raft - Winner
Chasing Valentine
The Perfect Dish
As The Man Drives
Best F/X
Bad Guy #2 - Winner
Heroes of the Realm
Was Live
Knob Goblins
Howl of a Good Time
The Fantastic Death of Barry Schmidt
The Barber’s Cut

Best Poster
As The Man Drives - Winner
Scary Tales & Nursery Crimes
Non Stop to Comic Con
The Barber’s Cut
Holy Hell
Valor’s Dawn
Best Web Director
Knights of NJ (Michael Hadley) - Winner
Darva Campbell (Scary Tales)
Adam Hampton (Rough Cut)
Timber (Alex Chu)
Wigs (Matt Edwards)
So SOHA (Lauren Terilli)

Best Web Series Performer (Male)
Mat Wright (Wigs) - Winner
Adam Hampton (Rough Cut)
Kurt Smith (Knights of New Jersey)
Jason Tostevin (Rough Cut)
Marcus Wayne (Wigs)

Best Web Series Performer (Female)
Marcie Price Jackson (Rough Cut) - Winner
Laura Coover (Wigs)
Kelly Wallace-Barnhill (Timber)
Phoebe Mar Halkowich (So SOHA)
Connie Jo Secrhist (Scary Tales & Nursery Crimes)
Mackenzie Lansing (Knights of New Jersey)

Best Web Series
Wigs - Winner
Rough Cut
Knights of New Jersey
The Naked Feminist
Dog Moms
Scary Tales & Nursery Crimes

Best Music Production
Gus The Cat - Winner
The Perfect Note - Winner
Fun With Hackley
Choose Me
The Fire
You Won’t Define Me
A Sinclair: They Breed & Say

Best Doc Short
Everyday Heroes - Winner
The Captain
Beautiful Lies
Slab City
Life After Manson

Best Short Drama
Move Me - Winner
The Raft
Yes We’re Open
Worst Day #3
No Less Than A Man
Eye for an Eye
In The Hands of Time
From Here
Kind of Blue

Best Short Thriller
Loop - Winner
Dead Weight

Best Short Romance
Twisted - Winner
EZ Out

Best Short Comedy
Natural Insemination - Winner
God Don’t Like Ugly
Hard Broads
Heroes of the Realm
Held Up
High Signs
Jef Needs Ice Cream

Best Short Sci Fi
The Perfect Dish - Winner
Cold Comfort
A Mermaid Tale
Best Horror Short
Howl of a Good Time - Winner
Be Still My Heart
Knob Goblins
The Clearing
Don’t Let The Light In

Best Foreign Short
Chaos Management - Winner
The Gift
Valor’s Dawn
Russian Roulette
The Handbook for Keeping Us Safe from Terrorism
The Barber’s Cut

Best Animated Film
Cosmico - Winner
Claire & the Keys
Best Micro Short Comedy
How A Man Gets Ready (ROMINA SCHWEDLER) - Winner
That Awkward Moment (KATHRYN GOULD & NELSON GOFORTH) - Winner
Painful Side of the Pillow
3 Minutes
Think Twice

Best Micro Romance
Sketches - Winner

Best Micro Horror
Bedtime - Winner

Best Micro Short Drama
Thicker Than Water - Winner
In The Blink
First Date
Ave Maria
Tipping Point
Jordan Almonds

Best Actor Short
Randall Greenland (Born Again) - Winner
Koran Dunbar (In The Hands of Time)
Anthony Eugene Stratton (EZ out)
Sunkrish Bala (First Date)
Cory Stevens (Jef Needs Ice Cream)
Andrew Adams (Thicker Than Water)
Michael McCallum (Eskimo Brothers)
Danny Webb (NSFW)
Ed Asner (The Raft)

Best Actress Short
Ruth Reynolds (Dessert) - Winner
Kate Froehlich (Kind of Blue)
Bec Hill (Russian Roulette)
Kristen Rakes (Low/Fi)
Jenny Flack (Natural Insemination)
Kathryn Gould (That Awkward Moment)
Rebecca Zahler (Worst Day #3)
Jamie Harris (Ave Maria)
Ellie Church (Born Again)

Best Child Actor
Jake Rideout (Valor’s Dawn) - Winner
Luke Seybold (The Gift)
Will Davis (Don’t Let The Light In)
Reagan Smith (Writer’s Cramp)
Sebasitian Long (The Gift)
Conrad Rippy (Preparing The Last Rights)
Steve Prescott (Writer’s Cramp)
Devon Seybold (The Gift)

Best Produced Screenplay Short
Dessert (Jennifer Painter) - Winner
NSFW (Cosmo Wallace)
Perry’s Grind (Dan Curtis)
Move Me (Gabe Crate)
Worst Day #3 (Brynn Thayer)
Naural Insemination (Crosby Selander)
EZ Out (Jacob Toarmina)
The Raft (Robert Jones & Peter Orner)

Best Texas Short Drama
The Usual Silence - Winner
Perry’s Grind

Best Texas Comedy Short
When Damon Met Angie - Winner
Anonymous, Anonymous
Keep Austin

Best Texas Horror
Gunnysack - Winner
Bad Guy #2
Was Live

Best Doc Feature
Colin Hay: Waiting For My Real Life - Winner
Finally A Voice
Christopher’s Music
Prison Dogs

Best Actor Feature
Lukas Hassel (In Sickness) - Winner
Adam Young (Non Stop to Comic Con)
Hoyt Richards (Dumbbells)
Jon Weinberg (Funeral Day)
Manu Intiraymi (Benjamin Troubles)
Ryan LaPlante (Holy Hell)
Fred Ewanuick (Patterson’s Wager)
Brad Cowan (Chasing Valentine)
Best Actress Feature
Stefanie Estes (Altar) - Winner
Gwenlyn Cumyn (Chasing Valentine)
Brittany Falardeau (Altar)
Alice Pitt-Carter (Tea+Cake)
Alysa King (Holy Hell)
Taylor Cole (Dumbbells)
Christy Crowley (Writer’s Cramp)
KarieAnn Randol (Why Lie? Beer Women Chicken Wings.)

Best Produced Screenplay (Feature)
Patterson’s Wager - Winner
Non Stop to Comic Con
In Sickness
Funeral Day
Lars The Emo Kid

Best Texas Feature Drama
Unimaingable - Winner
Was Live

Best Texas Feature Comedy
Trippin’ To The Altar - Winner
Lars The Emo Kid

Best Texas Actor
Paxton Gilmore (Lars the Emo Kid) - Winner
Aaron Green (When Damon Met Angie)
Brian Cobos (Anonymous, Anonymous)
Kevin Jacaman (Keep Austin)
Brian Villalobos (Umbra)
Christopher Cassarino (Perry’s Grind)
Carlos Camacho. (Unimaginable)
Oryan Landa (Trippin’ To The Altar)
George Cisneros (Unimaginable)

Best Texas Actress
Maxine Greco (Unimaginable) - Winner
Alyssia Rivera (Unimaginable)
Lara Shah (Trippin’ To The Altar)
Vicky Illk (Myra)
Katie Kohler (Pale)
Mindy Neuendorff (When Damon Met Angie)
Sarah Safuto (Was Live)
Bobbie Grace (Gunnysack)
Alexandra Simons (Mission)

“Ambassador Global” Best US Feature Comedy
Dumbbells - Winner
Writer’s Cramp
Non Stop to Comic Con
Why Lie? Beer Women & Chickn Wings
Funeral Day

Best Us Feature Drama
In Sickness - Winner
Benjamin Troubles

Best Horror Feature
Altar - Winner
Holy Hell
Sweet Leaf
'Scarlet Waters' Genre Award
Holy Hell - Winner
Best Foreign Feature
Chasing Valentine - Winner
Tea + Cake
Patterson’s Wager
Holy Hell

Best ‘Faith Based’
Pale - Winner
Ave Maria

Best LGBT Film
Unimaginable - Winner
Dreams We Share - Winner
From Here
The Hidden Side

Best Veteran Short
The Clearing - Winner
The Captain

Rising Voices
Gabe Evans - Winner
Cedric Smith
David Reyes
Cheickna Kebe
Armaan Uplekar
Savannah Rodgers
Vivi Thai
Alejandro Montoya

Best Texas Director
Dan Curtis (Perry’s Grind) - Winner
Cedric Thomas Smith (Unimaginable)
Brett Bentman (Pale)
Hugo Matz (When Damon Met Angie)
Lisa Belcher (The Gift)
David Reyes (Trippin’ To The Altar)
Gabriel Evans (Was Live)
Dallas Burgess (Bedtime)

Best Director Short
Damien Patrik (In The Blink, High Signs) - Winner
Josh Hope & Chris Hong (Kind of Blue)
Megan Flynn (Tipping Point)
Michelle Davidson (The Perfect Note)
Rickey Bird Jr (As The Man Drives)
Christopher Thompson (Eye For An Eye)
Kely McClung (Loop)
Gabe Crate (Move Me)

Best Director Feature
Jon Weinberg (Funeral Day) - Winner
Randy Van Dyke & David Edmuson(Non Stop to Comic Con)
Matt Sconce (Altar)
Navin Ramaswaran (Chasing Valentine)
Ryan LaPlante (Holy Hell)
Corbin Saleken (Patterson’s Wager)
Wilson West Why Lie? Beer, Women, Chickn Wings)

The "/"

Adam Hampton (Rough Cut) - Winner
Ryan LaPlante (Holy Hell)
Richard Groen (C.R.Usher
Romina Schwedler (How A Man Gets Ready)
Vivi Thai (3 Minutes)
Mindy Bledsoe (Hard Broads)
Jon Weinberg (Funeral Day)
Kathryn Gould (That Awkward Moment)

The Hampton Award
Mindy Bledsoe (Hard Broads)
Feature Screenplay
Ya'Ke Smith - San Antonio
Feature Screenplay
Tiffany Heath - Cutman
Feature Screenplay
Ron Podell - Pulp Science Fiction
Short Screenplay
TJ Treece - The Tipping Point
Short Screenplay
Lukas Hassle - The Son, The Father
TV Screenplay
Ashley Marie - Modern Family
TV Screenplay
Edward Tyndall (No Future)
All Around Crew
Mike Donis
Director’s Choice: Script
TJ Treece - Tipping Point
Director’s Choice: Director
Christopher Moore
Director’s Choice: Director
Drew Dammron
Director’s Choice: Actress
Alyssia Rivera
Director’s Choice: Actress
Michaelene Stephenson
Director’s Choice: Actor
Sean Patrick Leonard
Director’s Choice: Actor
Jaysen Buterin
Director’s Choice: Short
From Here
Director’s Choice: Short
The Gift
Director’s Choice
TJ Treece - Tipping Point
Director’s Choice: Feature
Non-Stop To Comic Con

Audience Choice: Texas Feature
Audience Choice: U.S. Feature
Audience Choice: International Feature
Holy Hell
Audience Choice: Texas Short
The Gift
Audience Choice: U.S. Short
Audience Choice: International Short