Like a rose mad novel

Regista: Carlo Spiga

(2017) - Drammatico - 2'

All of us know poetry is crazy but Plato tells us the lofty one, the most sublime is the love’s madness. And I have sex with you because you’re intercepting my madness and only thanks to you I can access to my madness. This story tells the crazy connection between a boy and a girl that meet in an absurd and incredible circumstance. And yet this “obstacle” doesn’t represent any limit for them to be able to leave the reason’s places. They’ll understand love is lack and generative. But an hidden secret of one of the two protagonists will break their bond, letting them go away and at the end making them realize that love is a continual search for the other. Unfortunately, when this happens, it’s already too late and the life of one of them continues to remain an unceasing search for the old unity. Ps: In this short film there aren’t actors and it’s a zero budget production. It was realized with the only smartphone’s help. My voice is modified to do those of two protagonists. Finally if a production company wants to read the screenplay to shoot a film, write me to email ( Pps: I’ve got other scripts to propose.
Carlo Spiga
Carlo Spiga