(2015) - 6' - Drammatico
Davide Ardizzola
Hope is the first short film by The Hope Trilogy that aims to recount hope as a complex and truly human feeling. The protagonist is a young woman who finds herself alone in a large park. Unable to contact an acquaintance with a cell phone, she wanders around the park looking for someone and is attracted by the monotonous noise of a hammer. Arriving near a farmhouse, the young woman decides to discover the source of the noise and goes inside an old bread oven, a mysterious place that will not help to shed light on the fate of the girl. The Hope Trilogy is produced following a meta-realistic or neo-symbolist authorial approach, meaning the search for the symbolic meaning behind the realistic image.
Elisabetta Rossi
Max Corradi, Fabio Basilico
Patrick Nicholson, David Wiles, The Cesarians
Nid: 2555