The Death of the Author

Regista: Federica Pacifico

(2016) - 6'
Tristan Pegg, Chris Bearne, Zara Banks, Linda Large, Ellie Dickens, Ragga Gudrun, Ira Urielsson, Audrey Badji

Olly, a gallery invigilator decides to quietly add his own artistic input to the exhibits on show, challenging the authority of the artist/author, and exploring vandalism as an extreme attempt of (uncredited) artistic collaboration. A supposed visitor furthers the idea of impromptu collaboration going so far as cutting one of the canvases with a pen, in the style of artist Lucio Fontana. Olly confronts the mysterious man and is met with philosophical citations by Guillaume Apollinaire, Michel Foucault and Samuel Beckett.
Federica Pacifico & Uriel Emil
Mads Junker
Premi vinti: 
Best Comedy Salento Finibus Terrae Short Film Festival, Grotte di Castellana, Italy
screening on July 5, 2017

Official Selection 17th Izmir Kisa Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey
screening on November 2, 2016