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The Festival period: 
Monday 19 October 2020 to Friday 23 October 2020
Description of the Festival: 

The Wildscreen Panda Awards honour the very best in natural world storytelling craft.

The Panda Awards have sat at the heart of the Wildscreen Festival since they were first presented at the first Festival back in 1982 and they remain the highest honour in the international wildlife film and TV. In 2018, the inaugural Photo Story Panda Award was introduced to recognise the craft of photography alongside that of film and cement the craft within the DNA of the Wildscreen Festival.

In 2020, the Wildscreen Panda Awards will go back to its roots. They will focus solely on the unique craft, specialist skills and talent required to tell natures stories.

Our industry takes global audiences to the world’s most remote, inhospitable and threatened environments, shining a spotlight on species and habitats that most will never have the opportunity to experience. This form of documentary has never been more important or needed, with biodiversity being threatened to the point of no return. The Panda Awards celebrates the human endeavour and unique skill that it takes to tell natures stories.

Categories; Cinematography, Editing, Emerging Talent, Music, Photo Story, Producer / Director, Production Team, Scripted Narrative, Sound, Series

Awards & Prizes-

Each nominated Production will receive one ticket to the Wildscreen Panda Awards Ceremony. A certificate of nomination will be sent to the authorised representative of each nominated Production.

Each nominated Production will be screened as part of the industry Festival programme and representatives will be invited to participate in craft session following the screening.

The authorised representative of each Entrant with an award-winning Production will receive a Panda Award trophy and winner’s certificate.

Wildscreen - We work diligently, collaboratively and imaginatively to inspire millions around the world to value the wonders of the natural world as much as we do.
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